LBC Courier Application

Before sending the visa application documents, please make sure that the application form and other required documents are filled out completely and other requirements are complete.

Notes on application documents.
We would also like to inform you that the documents to be submitted to the embassy have recently become stricter.

  • All documents to be submitted must be A4 size.
  • For other size documents (bank certification, ITR, baptism, etc.), please submit the originals if they are close to A4 size.
    * Please do not staple documents. Issuance receipts of certificates are not necessary and to be removed.
  • Application forms and other documents should be prepared using a computer/typing as far as possible.
    If handwritten, please use block letters. If illegible, the application may be rejected or resubmitted.
  • Please be sure to sign the signature line of the holder at the bottom of the third (3) page of the passport (next to BIO page).
  • Application forms with blank fields will not be accepted. If you don’t have applicable information, please fill in “N/A”.
  • Be sure to fill in the check box for the violation history, etc. on the second (2) page of the visa application form, the date of application, and your signature.
  • Please submit a 4.5 x 3.5 (cm) photo taken within six (6) months from the date of application.
  • Glue a photo properly on the designated space in the application form. It can be either monochrome or colored but must be clear with white background. A photo out of the standard or digitally modified and processed will not be accepted.
  • Write your full name and date of birth on the back of photo.


  1. Send your application requirements to our [SM Mall of Asia Branch] as below.
  2. Sender is must be same the applicant (Same as the name, address, and contact number on the application form)
  3. Deposit the processing fee to our bank account and send the original deposit slip with the Visa application documents. * For online payment, please print out and attach a screenshot of the transaction completion confirmation screen.
  4. If you want to return the passport by LBC when released your passport from the Japan Embassy, send the [Receptacle sticker] and “the deposit slip of return courier fee” together with Application Documents. * Return courier fee is 250 pesos per pouch. (You can pay it together with your Visa application fee) * You can get the [Receptacle sticker] at the nearest LBC branch then Fill in the same name, address and contact number as written on the application form in the “TO” column of [Receptacle sticker].
    ※Please make sure your documents is received by us at least 20 working days before departure. If your application is within 20 working days, please fill in your name, passport number and signature, in link "Waiver" form then encloses it with your documents for application.
  • Address to send application documents
    RELI TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY, SM Mall of Asia Branch
    GLOBE : 0967-446-2000
    SMART : 0919-666-5000
  • Payment
    Account Name : Reli Tours & Travel Company
    Bank Name : Banco De Oro
    Branch Name : SM Makati Branch
    Acct. No. : 000040012832



To all our LBC customers
Please send your documents to RELI TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY, SM Mall of Asia Branch.
Kindly call ... 0967-446-2000 / 0919-666-5000


※If you submit Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate.....
NOTE Please attach AUTHORIZATION LETTER for each applicants
to Japan Embassy for PSA
Fill out
and Attach with other required documents

Applicant must be the sender.
Please prepay your sending fee to your courier.

※Reminders: Documents must be complete.
Please take note that additional documents might be required.

Reli Tours & Travel Agency → Japan Embassy

Verify documents by Reli Japan Visa Staff and submit to Japan Embassy in Manila.

Please comply if additional documents are requested by the Embassy.


 Passport to be returned to applicants thru Courier Service after Visa has been granted.


GLOBE : 0967-446-2000
SMART : 0919-666-5000