• All documents must be in A4 size.
    Documents of other size must be copied into size A4 and please submit together with the original..
  • Photo size is 45×35mm(2×1.4in).
    Application form and photo size were revised. Please use revised application form and photo(45×35mm).
  • Please DO NOT USE FRICTION ERASABLE PEN in visa application form and in all documents.
  • Please make sure all documents legally obtained and DO NOT SUBMIT FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS.
  • WE FREQUENTLY GET QUESTIONS ON "HOW MUCH"money should be indicated on the bank certificate.
    Although the embassy did not release any guidelines on this or any minimum amount.  It is best to show your biggest but truthful balance.
    Please call for personal appearance, requirements and others.
  •  Please DO NOT PURCHASE any form of travel arrangement prior to the release of your visa application results. Delays and Denials do occur.


Applicants with considerably high income who intend to visit Japan several times as temporary visitor
for tourism, business or visiting relatives, etc.

The period of each stay in Japan must be within 90 days.

 ※Please refer to PDF file of The Japanese Embassy about details.
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Please make sure all documents legally obtained and DO NOT SUBMIT FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS.


  1. Passport(Holder’s signature required)
  2. Application Form ※(A facial Photo (4.5×3.5cm) must be attached.)
  3. Request for Multiple-Entry Visa ※
    * In case [ those with sufficient financial capacity] is checked, the embassy examine and determine whether the applicant falls under [Multiple-Entry Visa for Temporary Visitor] or [Multiple-Entry Visa Temporary Visitor Visa for Philippine Nationals with Considerable Financial Capacity].
  4. PSA issued Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate (for married applicants), issued within 1 year
    ☞ Unnecessary if there is used Japan Visa on passport.
    - If (4) is unreadable, submit Birth/Marriage certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar.
    - If Birth Certificate is “LATE REGISTRATION”, submit Baptismal Certificate and School Record (Form 137).
    -If there is no record of Birth/Marriage in PSA, submit Birth Certificate issued by Local Civil Registrar and Negative Certificate issued by PSA.
  5. Itinerary in Japan ※


  1. Applicant with considerably high income
    1. Applicant’s Bank Certificate (Balance within the last six months must be shown)
      * If the Average Daily Balance (ADB) in the last six months is not indicated, bank statement
      must be submitted to prove transactions within the last six months.
    2. Applicant’s Tax Payment Certificate issued by Bureau of Internal Revenue (copy acceptable)
      * Form 2316, must have signature of the Employer and Employee
      *For business owners, proof of actual payment of tax must be submitted in addition to the
      BIR Tax Payment Certificate Form (copy acceptable)
    3. Applicant’s Employment Certificate (must indicate period of employment, salary and
      * For business owners, Department of Trade and Industry “Certificate of Business Name
      Registration” and Mayor’s Permit from the City Hall must be submitted.
      * If for any reason other than being a retiree, full-time housewife or unemployed, applicant
      is unable to submit (2) and (3) above, a letter of explanation about the reason must be
      B. Requirements(Details→https://www.ph.emb-japan.go.jp/itpr_ja/11_000001_00898.html)
      submitted. For students, a copy of School ID or Certificate of Enrollment in School must be
  2. Spouse or Child of (I)
    1. Proof of relationship with (I) above (PSA issued Birth Certificate and Marriage Certificate, if
    2. Passport and multiple entry visa copy or documents of (I) above.