• All documents must be in A4 size.
    Documents of other size must be copied into size A4 and please submit together with the original..
  • Photo size is 45×35mm(2×1.4in).
    Application form and photo size were revised. Please use revised application form and photo(45×35mm).
  • Please DO NOT USE FRICTION ERASABLE PEN in visa application form and in all documents.
  • Please make sure all documents legally obtained and DO NOT SUBMIT FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS.
  • WE FREQUENTLY GET QUESTIONS ON "HOW MUCH"money should be indicated on the bank certificate.
    Although the embassy did not release any guidelines on this or any minimum amount.  It is best to show your biggest but truthful balance.
    Please call for personal appearance, requirements and others.
  •  Please DO NOT PURCHASE any form of travel arrangement prior to the release of your visa application results. Delays and Denials do occur.